Call for abstracts





This 3-day event aims to focus on endangered languages and their relation to the territory, including novel cartographic and visual means for representing the complex multilingual language landscapes. We also invite reflections on the development of Language Documentation as a field. We invite abstracts for papers on the following subtopics (this is not an exclusive list):

·         Endangered languages and their territory

·         Re-thinking the global strategy for countering language endangerment, and specific regional conditions

·         Novel language mapping techniques representing diglossia, multilingualism, domain distribution, etc.

·         Development of and perspectives for Language Documentation as a field

·         Community-driven efforts of Language Documentation and revitalization (especially those based on results of previous Language Documentation)

The abstracts should be in English, no longer than 500 words, must include 3 to 5 keywords and be sent as Word or PDF to and by 20 May 2018 extended to 27 May 2018.  In the body of the email, but separate from the abstract, please include the following information:

author(s), institution(s), phone number(s), e-mail(s).

Each presentation will be assigned 30 minutes: we recommend allowing 5 to 10 minutes of this time for questions and discussion.

Accepted authors are expected to submit a paper for the Proceedings in advance of the conference.

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