The Annual Japan Festival Saturday 28th of January at Háskólatorg

The Japan Festival will be held on Saturday 28th of January at Háskólatorg, University of Iceland.
The event is jointly organized by the Embassy of Japan and the Japanese Language and Culture Course of the School of Humanities at the University of Iceland.

This year marks the eighth time the Japan Festival has been celebrated since its
start in 2005. One of the distinctive features of this festival is that many of the exhibitions are “hand-made” by the students, who have been planning, preparing, and working day and night.

The enthusiastic 60 students at the Japanese Language and Culture Course have put all their effort together and will present various themes of Japanese culture in a unique and creative way. The Japanese community in Iceland will contribute to the festival with a tea ceremony and Ikebana flower arrangement.

Guests are invited to experience Japan through various activities and presentations. They can sample the flavors of Japan at the food booth, learn to write their names in Japanese letters at the calligraphy booth, and become acquainted with the Japanese language at the language booth. Guests are also invited to attend a tea ceremony where they will taste traditional Japanese tea and to play Igo at the Japanese board game area.

The festival features a karaoke room, where guests can test their singing skill, along with rooms for Japanese popular music J-pop, trailers of Japanese films and TV-programmes, Japanese computer games, and Anime and Manga, where the guests can experience Japanese pop culture. A Japanese Quiz Show will take place onstage where the guests can test their knowledge of Japan. Life music will be performed both authentic  and Japanese pop music. This year there will additionally be a short play in the style of traditional Japanese theatre, noh. Finally, there will be a demonstration onstage of Budo (Japanese martial arts).

General information about the Japanese studies course and the various scholarships and exchange programs to Japanese Universities will be available during the festival, as well as information on the Iceland-Japan Society and the Japan Alumni Association of Iceland.

Admission to the Festival is free and open to the general public. The Festival will begin at 13:00 and will be open until 17:00. For more information, please visit .

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