Fiktionens genrer. Teori og analyse : New book by Annemette Hejlsted

Annemette Hejlsted, Assistant Professor in Danish Literature at the University of Iceland, has published the book Fiktionens genrer. Teori og analyse.

The book is an introduction to theories about fiction and genres and presents a set of tools to analyse fiction of any kind. By putting a formal point of view to fiction and genres, the author demonstrates how fiction functions within different genres and draws attention to the conditions for the formation of meaning that the reader and the audience meet in fiction. The book integrates theories about fiction and genres in a wide range of analytical approaches to specific genres, for instance novels, poetry, drama, film and children´s literature.

Publisher : Samfundslitteratur.

Here you can read the book´s first chapter (in Danish).

Presentation of the book on the publisher´s website (in Danish).

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