Call for Papers for a Festschrift in honour of Pétur Knútsson

On the occasion of the retirement of Pétur Knútsson from the Department of English, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Literature and Linguistics, and in recognition of his significant contributions to both research and teaching, his colleagues call for contributions to a Festschrift in his honour.

The volume will comprise up to 15 papers, subject to peer review, with preference given to contributions in areas of special interest to Pétur (though proposals in other disciplines are welcome):

• linguistics, especially phonetics, phonology, prosody, dialects and language history;
• translation, phenomenology, hermeneutics;
• language teaching, especially pronunciation.

Papers should be 5-6,000 words in length and formatted according to the attached style guide. The attached template is pre-set-up with styles in accordance with our guide. Please send contributions to Matthew Whelpton ( by Monday 27th May 2013. Submissions are welcome in both Icelandic and English.

[This publication is subject to adequate funding.]

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