Kastanjettur eru vinsæl hljóðfæri í spænskri tónlist og menningu. Í vinnustofunni verður farið yfir sögu kastanjettunnar, einkenni og hvernig á að nota hljóðfærið rétt. Þá verður líka leikin tónlist.

David Pérez Rodríguez kennir spænsku og tónlist við Valladolid háskólann á Spáni.

Vinnustofan verður í stofu 103 í Veröld, þriðjudaginn 13. mars kl. 16-17 á bæði ensku og spænsku.

Frekari upplýsingar um Rodríguez og vinnustofuna: 

The castanet is an instrument always associated with Spanish music and culture. However, the castanet is not only used to dance flamenco. In this workshop we will see the history of this instrument, its characteristics, how to use it correctly and we will listen live to some of its most important musical uses as flamenco or the jota like Popular rhythms of Spain and also as part of the zarzuela and other classical compositions.

David Pérez Rodríguez is dedicated to music in two different ways. On the one hand, from the University of Valladolid where he works, he carries out research related to Spanish music and its texts, especially with those of the Belle Epoque and Franco's Spain. He has published his research in books (Martínez Abades, the cuplé painter [Gijón, Museopa, 2012], Rafael de León's Complete Theater [Madrid, Fundamentals, 2017]) as well as in several national and international journals. On the other hand, as a musician he studied Spanish guitar and flamenco, but he became interested in singing very soon. After training for several years in the University Choir of Valladolid and having successfully participated in international competitions, he acceded as tenor to the regular choir of the Calderón Theater of Valladolid where he participates in his lyrical productions (Norma, Otello, Tosca, Il Trovatore ... ) for 5 seasons. Currently, he sometimes combines both facets of his life in lectures where, in addition to treating certain aspects of Spanish music from an academic point of view, he also exemplifies it if necessary, singing or accompanied by his castanets, of which he is a concert performer.

þri, 03/13/2018 - 16:00
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