Language Studies in a context of Internationalization: Challenges and Opportunities

Lecture by Dr. Marilyn Lambert-Drache, York University
Auditorium in Veröld - Vigdís' house, 9 November at 16:30

Internationalization that is increasingly part of universities’ planning and strategic objectives, is generally understood as the process of integrating an international dimension into the teaching/learning, research and service functions of a college or university. Internationalization also suggests an ability of preparing students to develop global competence that requires intercultural understanding and knowledge and to become global citizens. There is a consensus that language study is at the core of global competence.  In this context we will discuss how internationalization has impacted the way we think of language studies at the university. What are the learners’ and instructors’ motivations and expectations? Does the language curriculum foster global understanding and does it offer enough opportunities to explore cultural diversity and complexity so that it can effectively promote global engagement and citizenship? How do study abroad programs support such objectives? Looking at the Canadian context and on the basis of studies and surveys done at our university that offers language instruction in both English and French and offers programs in twenty foreign languages we will reflect on the above questions and present best practices and discuss the opportunities and challenges from a student, faculty and administrator perspectives.

fim, 11/09/2017 - 16:30
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