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Café  Lingua  is  a  platform  for  those  who  want  to  enhance  their  language  ski
National Museum of Brazil
A statement from Sebastian Drude, the Managing Director of The Vigdís International
Conference guests on the last day of the conference
Some of the world's leading experts and scholars on endang
The University of Iceland created the Stephan G.
New ISO-certified equipment for simultaneous interpretation has been taken into use in
Celebrating the International Mother Language Day in Veröld - Vigdís' house.
Café Lingua is a platform for those who want to enhance their language skills, Icelandi
The fifth annual conference of Móðurmál – association on Bilangualism will be held in V
Veröld will be open from 12:30-18 on Saturday 19 August and 13-17 on Sunday 20 August.


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