Plenary Speakers

Dr. Roma Chumak-Horbatsch is Associate Professor in the School of Early Childhood Studies at Ryerson University in Toronto where she teaches courses in language development and childhood bilingualism. She has a background in applied linguistics and early language and literacy development. Her research focuses on multilingual pedagogy and the bilingual potential of newcomer children. She is currently preparing a sequel to her popular publication - Linguistically Appropriate Practice: A Guide for Working with Young Immigrant Children. This new book explores topics that are central to multilingual teaching and includes numerous strategies for transforming classrooms into multilingual environments.


Title: “Be very careful – she talks different.” The Power of Multilingual Teaching


Dr. Francis M. Hult is currently an associate professor at the Centre for Languages and Literature at Lund University, Sweden, where he is also director of studies for English and coordinator of English teacher education. Dr. Hult works at the crossroads of educational linguistics, sociolinguistics, and discourse studies. His research examines multilingual language management in policy and practice, focusing on linguistic landscapes and language policy and planning through an ethnographic discourse-analytic lens. His work appears in major international journals, and his books include Research Methods in Language Policy and Planning: A Practical Guide (Wiley-Blackwell, 2015; with Johnson), Educational Linguistics in Practice: Applying the Local Globally and the Global Locally (Multilingual Matters, 2011; with King), Directions and Prospects for Educational Linguistics (Springer, 2010), and Handbook of Educational Linguistics (Wiley-Blackwell, 2008; with Spolsky).

Title: Why Educational Language Planning and Policy Matter to Everyone


Dr. Victoria Murphy is Professor of Applied Linguistics, at the Department of Education, University of Oxford. She is the research group convener of the Applied Linguistics, and the R.E.A.L. (Research in English as an Additional Language) research groups. Victoria’s research focuses on understanding the inter-relationships between child L2/FL learning, vocabulary and literacy development. Her work focuses on examining cross-linguistic relationships across linguistic systems in the emergent bilingual child and how foreign language learning in primary school can influence developing first language literacy. She has published in a wide range of Applied Linguistics journals in the area of young language learners and is the author of Second Language Learning in the Early School Years: Trends and Contexts published by the OUP in 2014, as well as the lead editor of Early Childhood Education in English for Speakers of Other Languages published by the British Council in 2016.

Title: Educational contexts as Multilingual Learning Environments


Dr. Gunhild T. Alstad is Associate Professor in Applied Linguistics at the Faculty of Education and Natural Sciences, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, where she is head of early childhood teacher education. She is co-editor of the Norwegian journal NOA (Norwegian as Second Language) and guest editor of the journal Language Awareness. Her research interests include emergent multilingualism and emergent literacy, teacher language awareness, teacher education, and second language/multilingual pedagogy in early childhood education contexts. She is currently engaged in research projects on professional development of early childhood education teachers in linguistically diverse contexts. 


Title: Early childhood education teachers’ beliefs about language teaching and learning

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