Café Lingua - Christmas around the world

It will be a festive afternoon in Veröld when guests from all over the world come together and sing Christmas carols from their home countries. Choir director Margrét Pálsdóttir will lead the singing with the Múltíkúltí choir, a multilingual women's choir, and the musicians Ari Agnarsson, Ársæll Másson and Rafael Cao Romero. 

Guests will receive the songtexts and sing Christmas carols in many languages, for example Arabic, Danish, English, French, Icelandic, Japanese, Portuguese, Polish, Serbian, Spanish, Tagalog and German. 

Café Lingua is a gateway to different cultures and is a great platform for those who want to enhance their language skills and are interested in practising different languages. 

The goal of Café Lingua is to unveil the linguistic treasures that have found their way to Iceland and enriched life and culture. People who speak Icelandic as a second language get the opportunity to express themselves in Icelandic and introduce their mother tongues to others. 

Everyone is very welcome, no entry fee. 

fim, 12/14/2017 - 17:00
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