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Veröld stofa 008 
Föstudagurinn 26. janúar 
Kl. 12-13 

Dr. Ivan Mladenov mun ræða um Charles Peirce, höfund verkhyggjunnar, og hugmyndir hans. 

In this talk Dr. Ivan Mladenov will discuss the theoretical ideas of Charles Peirce, the founder of pragmatism, a school of thought that is today widely considered the preeminent American contribution to intellectual and philosophical history. Dr. Mladenov will be discussing Peirce’s revolutionary use of categories in his theory, which he deploys to frame both language and existence. The talk will situate Peirce within a wide scope of intellectual history while also exploring how he sees language operating through signs and signification.

Dr. Ivan Mladenov is a Professor (Ph.D.and D.Sc.) at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in Sofia. His chief topic of interest is the theory of Charles S. Peirce, on which he wrote a book, Conceptualizing Metaphors: On Charles Peirce’s Marginalia, published by Routledge in 2006 and republished in 2014. Dr. Mladenov has taught as a Visiting Professor in Austria, Finland, the United States, and Germany. He has also delivered lectures in numerous countries across Europe and America.  

fös, 01/26/2018 - 12:00
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