Proceedings - Call for Papers

We warmly invite your submissions to this Special Issue of Publications,which will showcase selected contributions to the fourth PRISEAL Conference—Publishing and Presenting Research Internationally: Issues for Speakers of English as an Additional Language, plus additional papers that contribute substantially to the conference themes.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • academic publishing issues (e.g., advantages and limitations of open-access vs. commercial publishers; predatory journals and publishers)
  • the geopolitics of academic writing (e.g., dominance of English, epistemicide, English as a Lingua Franca)
  • academic ethics from a cross-cultural perspective (e.g., plagiarism and academic integrity)
  • the process of writing for publication
  • translation and editing in the academic context
  • assessing and teaching English for research and publication purposes
  • peer-review in intercultural and multilingual contexts 

In terms of the genre, contributions can be think-pieces, theoretical discussions, research reports with empirical data, or reviews of relevant literature that lead to new insights for the field.

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