Research and Projects

The Vigdís Finnbogadóttir Institute of Foreign Languages is a research institute within the Humanities Faculty of the University of Iceland. The Institute is a research centre for scholars who teach modern languages and cultures, the classical languages, and translation studies.

Languages are the key to national cultures and a specialised knowledge of these will enable Icelanders to have a voice in the world's affairs. The valuable resource of linguistic and cultural skills must be cultivated in a land where survival depends to a great extent on relations with other countries. Globalisation makes new demands on such knowledge and skills in relation to the constantly growing utilisation of modern communications in all aspects of life, and those individuals, businesses and public institutions which can rely on a good command of foreign languages and cultural insights will be far better placed internationally in our increasingly competitive world.

We have as our guiding light in the pursuit of our linguistic and cultural research the aim of increasing the knowledge of foreign languages in all aspects of our daily life and examining and strengthening cultural exchange and the dissemination of ideas between nations. In this way we give our support to increasing relations between peoples of different nationalities while, at the same time, expanding the individual's and society's international cultural skills as a whole. For us, languages, cultures and communication are all part of one interconnected web, and we know that in the speedy process of globalisation, in which the entire world becomes the stage for co-operation, trade, science and education, the key to success can be found in foreign language proficiency and cultural skills.

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