í Óflokkað

A colloquium on Danish and Icelandic intracultural history and its impact on literature and language was held at the Icelandic National Museum on Saturday 9 April. The event took place on the occasion of the Centennial of Danish teaching at the University of Iceland.

Speakers were:

Sune Auken, Lecturer at the University of Copenhagen                                                                      
Erik Skyum-Nielsen, Lecturer at the University of Copenhagen
Ulla Börestam, Professor at the University of Uppsala  
Pernille Folkmann, Lecturer at the University of  Iceland
Eva Theilgaard Brink, researcher at Nordisk Sprogkoordination
Auður Hauksdóttir, Professor at the University of Iceland
On this occasion, H.E. Mette Kjuel Nielsen, Ambassador of Denmark to Iceland, opened the website www.dan-is.is, dedicated to documents linked to Danes having immigrated to Iceland and vice versa.

Gísli Magnússon Lecturer and Þórhildur Oddsdóttir, Adjunct Lecturer, both at the University of Iceland, were moderators.

The lecture hall of the National Museum was full on this occasion.

Click here to see pictures taken during the conference.

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