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Pétur Knútsson (Peter Ridgewell) retired from his position as Associate Professor of English Linguistics at the Faculty of Foreign Language, Literature and Linguistics at the University of Iceland in the fall of 2012 after 34 years of service.

In honour, celebration and gratitude, his colleagues decided to bring out a peer-reviewed collection of academic articles pertaining to Pétur’s disparate fields of research. An Intimacy of Words: Essays in Honour of Pétur Knútsson / Innileiki orðanna: Festschrift til heiðurs Pétri Knútssyni will be published in mid-October by the Vigdís Finnbogadóttir Institute of Foreign Languages at the University of Iceland and the University of Iceland Press, with the support of the Institute of Linguistics at the University of Iceland. The book will be ca. 350 pages.  

An Intimacy of Words will be sold by subscription. You are invited to buy the book at the special price of kr. 4900 while the listed price is kr. 5900. You may order the book by e-mail before September 20 at infovigdis@hi.is. Your name will be registered in the Tabula in Honorem at the front of the book. Your e-mail should include the following:

• The name(s) you want to have registered in the Tabula in Honorem (note that name(s) can be added to your own at no extra cost).
• Name of payer.
• Payer’s Social Identity number.
• Payer’s address.
• Payer’s phone number.
Payment will be collected by electronic banking.

For further information on An Intimacy of Words: Essays in Honour of Pétur Knútsson/Festschrift til heiðurs Pétri Knútssyni see here.

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