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Celebrating the International Mother Language Day in Veröld – Vigdís’ house.

This year’s International Mother Language Day (21 February 2018) stands under the motto: Preserving linguistic diversity and promoting multilingualism, which are, as well, the main themes of The Vigdís World Language Centre. We use this opportunity to celebrate and announce the arrival of a unique collection of dictionaries and journals to Iceland – possibly the world’s largest dedicated collection of dictionaries, which InfoTerm has donated to the Vigdís World Language Centre also in behalf of its partners.

Vigdís World Language Centre will hold a symposium “Dictionaries: Multilingualism, Translations and Terminology” in Veröld – hús Vigdísar, where we discuss the importance of dictionaries for linguistic diversity, multilingualism and the bridging of borders. The programme covers a range of topics from the past and present of lexicography, terminology, and translation studies in Iceland and in general. Representatives of several of the most important institutions working in these fields in Iceland and Europe will participate. 

Also, we will present the unique collection that is now hosted at the University of Iceland. This is a prestigious collection of dictionaries, mostly bi- and multilingual dictionaries, covering not only major but also many lesser-known languages from around the world.  The event begins at 14:30 and ends at 17:30 with a reception, when the collection will also be open for visit.






Welcome by Jón Atli Benediktsson (Rector, University of Iceland)


Sebastian Drude (Vigdís World Language Centre): Introduction


Christian Galinski (InfoTerm Vienna): The Infoterm collections: mirror of the development of terminological activities in an increasing number of language communities


Robert Lew (European Association for Lexicography): Lexicography in Europe and beyond: associations, projects, infrastructure


Ágústa Þorbergsdóttir and Ásta Svavarsdóttir (Árni Magnússon Institute): Lexicography at the Árni Magnússon Institute for Icelandic Studies



Short Break


Arnt Lykke Jakobsen (European Society for Translation Studies): The changing role of dictionaries in translation and translation studies


Renata Emilsson Peskova (Móðurmál – the Association on Bilingualism): Addressing the needs of language communities in Iceland: Heritage language teaching, translations, and interpreting


Sofiya Dimitrova Zahova (Vigdís Finnbogadóttir Institute): Romani language vocabularies from the Enlightenment to the Digital Era


Björgvin Andersen (Translation Centre at the Foreign Ministry Iceland, and the Icelandic Association of Translators and Interpreters): International Cooperation, Terminology and the Mother Tongue


Open discussion with participants



Reception and visit of the collections



Aðrar fréttir