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Digital literacy and language teaching, 29th of March in Askja 321, 12-13. 

Dr. Christopher Allen, teacher of digital literacy and language teacher education in dept. of Languager in Linnaeur University will discuss the notion of digital literacy as defined by Dudeney, Hockly and Pegrum (2013) when applied to modern language teacher training. 

Digital literacy will be presented as a framework for the incorporation of Web 2.0 digital tools and resources into mainstream language teacher training with a specific focus on English. 

The framework lists a total of sixteen separate literacies under the four main headings of language, information, connections and (re)-design. These literacies provide a principled basis for the incorporation of ICT alongside communicative language teaching in the ‘post-methods’ era. Finally, the results of a number of digital literacy projects involving pre- and in-service EFL teachers at upper secondary level will presented.

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