A conference on Changing regional identities and intercultural communication will be held at the University of Iceland 26-28 November 2020, as part of the network Nordic Intercultural Communication (NIC).

The NIC 2020 conference will discuss regional identities and intercultural communication from various standpoints, such as:

  1. A geographically growing and/or changing Nordic region
  2. Mobility and cultural encounters within the Nordic countries
  3. Multiple Nordic identities (fx West Nordic, Nordic-British, Nordic Arctic, Nordic-Baltic etc)
  4. Identity politics and discourses about “Norden”, changing power dynamics and political relations
  5. Minority and majority languages in a Nordic context
  6. Communication across the Nordic region, Scandinavian languages and collaborations
  7. Language sustainability
  8. Intercultural communication through literature – including children´s literature

Contributions from seasoned scholars as well as from students and practitioners interested in the various aspects of culture and communication are encouraged. Other topics and themes related to intercultural communication are also welcome.

Please send by end of 3 August:

  • Full name
  • Job title
  • Affiliation/Institution
  • Contact information (Email address and phone number)
  • Title + abstract in English or Scandinavian language (max 400 words)
  • Send your proposal in a Word document to: / Subject: NIC Proposal

Note that applicants can send individual entries or apply for a panel with up to 5 participants.

Please visit the Conference website for all further information.

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