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In Other Wor(l)ds is the final seminar of the project Multilingualism and Diversity as a Resource in the Cultural Field, part of Norden 2020. The topics of the seminar are: “How can we recognize the new Nordic resources that remain unknown due to different language barriers? What kind of new skills and policies can we learn from our Nordic neighbours in the field of lingual diversity?”

At the seminar, Sebastian Drude, manager of The Vigdís World Language Centre, gave a talk under the title “Promoting multilingualism and language diversity: The Vigdís World Language Centre in Iceland”, and Sofiya Zahova, a post-doc researcher at the Vigdís Institute of Foreign Languages spoke about the position of Roma language in the Nordic Countries and the construction of a digital archive of Roma Literature.

Live web streaming can be viewed HERE 

The seminar program can be found HERE

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