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A new novel, Bákn, by Gregory Alan Phipps, assistant professor of English Literature at the University of Iceland, has just been released through Kindle Direct Publishing on Amazon
When his cousin Daisy disappears in suspicious circumstances, Karsten jumps at the opportunity to spend his holidays looking for her in Iceland, seeing it as a chance to escape his life of stagnation and disappointment in Windsor, Ontario. Meanwhile, in Vancouver, Daisy’s conniving brother Perry has set in motion a plan to break up his sister’s engagement, but he soon realizes that his scheme has contributed to Daisy’s disappearance in ways he does not understand. Now he too must find out what has happened to her. As a new year begins, Karsten and Perry are both in Reykjavik, where their parallel searches lead them to Bákn, a mysterious company that has big plans for Iceland . . . and for them.”
Before joining University of Iceland, Gregory Alan Phipps was a lecturer at McGill University in Montreal and at the University of Oxford. His work focuses primarily on intersections between American literature and the philosophical movement of pragmatism. He has interests in Henry James, the Harlem Renaissance, contemporary American fiction, contemporary British literature, continental philosophy (especially Hegel), Victorian literature, adaptation, creative writing, and a variety of other topics.
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