Kristín Ingvarsdóttir

    Kristín Ingvarsdóttir

    Assistant Professor in Japanese at the University of Iceland

    Veröld – House of Vigdís #204
    tel: 525-4457


    University of Iceland
    Vigdís Finnbogadóttir Institute of Foreign Languages
    Brynjólfsgötu 1
    IS-107 Reykjavik
    Tel: +354-5254000


    Kristín Ingvarsdóttir completed her Ph.D. in Social Sciences from Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo in 2006 and a Master´s Degree from the same university in 2002. The former dissertation is focused on internationalization in Japanese society and the latter on the relationship between pacifist sentiment and defence policies in Japan. She completed a Bachelor´s Degree in International Business Administration with focus on Japan and East Asia from Copenhagen Business School (CBS) in 1998. Kristín was visiting scholar at the Weatherhead East Asian Institute at Columbia University in 2008.

    Kristín joined the University of Iceland as Lecturer in Contemporary Japanese Studies in 2019. Her research interests include the history of Icelandic-Japanese relations and Japan´s policies towards the Arctic, as well as other aspects of Japan´s foreign policy. Kristín has experience from a wide range of Japanese and international projects, for example as Director of Events and PR for the Nordic countries at the World EXPO in Nagoya in 2005, Localization Director at CCP Games (2009-2014) and Head of Secretariat for The Nordic Council Environment Prize (2015-2019).