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Magnað Manga is a conference held Veröld – House of Vigdís, on the 16 August 2018, at 13-16.

This is a part one of a series of incredibly exciting opportunities for manga lovers. Five scholars come together to discuss various aspects of the depiction of the sagas and the supernatural in Manga. Jessica Bauwens will approach the depiction of the Ásatrú and stories in manga’s aimed at girls; Sayaka Matsumoto will delve into how three different authors have entwined modern society with Nordic belief; Atsushi Iguchi focuses on utopian ideas as represented in Vínlandssaga and finally Gunnella Th will look at how perceptions of the supernatural are influenced by manga.

The Conference is free, open to all and will take place in English

Conference Programme

13.00 Tsukusu Jinn Ito, Shinshu University: „Opening address“

13.10 Jessica Bauwens, Ryukoku University: „The Nordic Myths in Girls Manga–Ashibe Yuho’s Crystal Dragon“

13. 40 Sayaka Matsumoto, Fukui Prefectural University: „Rewriting the Myths and Culture: ONE PIECE, The Mythical Detective Loki and Saint Young“

14.10 BREAK

14.40 Atsushi Iguchi, Keio University: „Somewhere Not Here: Utopianism in Makoto Yukimura’s Vinland Saga“

15.10 Gunnella Þorgeirsdóttir, University of Iceland: „Yokai: Influence of Manga on the constantly evolving image of the supernatural“

15.35 General Discussion

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