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Linda Gray, Chair, Global Studies, History and Culture at the Union Institute & University in Vermont, USA, gives a lecture at the University of Iceland entitled „Native American Cultural Survival“. Guðrún Björk Guðsteinsdóttir, Professor of English Literature, will present the scholar.

The lecture will take place on Wednesday 2 March at 4-5 pm. in room 104 in Háskólatorg at the University of Iceland.

After losing population and tribal identities due to massive epidemics, poverty and warfare, Native American populations have rebounded to about half their pre-Contact levels. Some Native American tribes teach native languages in their elementary schools. Historians and geographers attempt to reconstruct languages from oral histories, old treaties, place names, church records and contemporary chroniclers. Native American scientists, archaeologists and historians now contribute to this scholarly and cultural effort. Examples of cultural resistance are often deliberate and slow, but occasionally erupt in violent encounters. Is there a path forward for Native Americans?

Linda Gray is a Fulbright Scholar conducting research at the University of Iceland with support from the Fulbright Commission of Iceland and the William J. Fulbright educational exchange program of the United States.

This event is organized by the Vigdís Finnbogadóttir Institute at the University of Iceland. All are welcome.

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