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A Nordic conference on creative collaboration across linguistic and cultural boundaries – In Veröld 24 of 25 May.

Everyone has a story of their own, no matter where they come from. In a multicultural society it is up to all of us to weave these stories together and create new ones.

Cultural and educational institutions play a key role, along with others, in establishing a dialogue in the varied landscape of languages and culture. Since 2008, Reykjavík City Library has developed a vigorous programme of projects in collaboration with organizations, institutions and individuals both in Iceland and abroad with diversity and creativity as their common features.

To celebrate the ten years of these projects and mediate the experience gained we invite you to the Nordic conference “Roots and Wings” in Veröld – Vigdís’ House, on the 24th and the 25th of May.

The idea is to shed light on what can be achieved by collaborating in a creative way that cuts across multiple divisions, to create new contacts and stimulate the development of more collaborative work. In addition to the projects of the library and its many partners, three projects from Denmark, Norway and Sweden will be presented.

Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, former president of Iceland and UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for languages and Eliza Reid, First Lady of Iceland will be among the speakers.

We encourage everyone working in the fields of culture, education, human rights, arts and languages, and others interested, to join us in the conference and influence the future of our diverse society.

The conference is a collaboration between the Reykjavik City Library, The Nordic Council of Ministers, The Norwegian Cultural Council, The Icelandic Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, Vigdís World Language Centre and the Icelandic UNESCO Committee, and it will form part of the joint Nordic project “Culture and Inclusion in the Nordic countries”.

Conference languages: Icelandic and English Moderator: Eva María Jónsdóttir.

Please register at our website www.rootsandwings.is. You can also follow the event on Facebook.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at rootsandwings@reykjavik.is

We hope to see as many as possible.

Aðrar fréttir