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  • Microfiction in Latin America

    28. ágúst 2015

    Ana_Maria_ShuaAuthor Ana María Shua will give an open lecture in the Nordic House in Reykjavík, on Friday 11 September at 15:00.

    In this talk, Ana María Shua will cover microfiction in Latin America, a genre dating back to the first decades of the twentieth century. She discusses the 1955 anthology of Borges and Bioy Casares, writers from the South of the continent, as well as the works of Arreola and Monterroso from the North. She mentions the development of the genre over the past thirty years and also introduces the question of the place of origin of microfiction in Spanish: whether Latin America or Spain can lay claim to it. Other topics discussed will include the influence of European authors and the difference between the microfiction genre in Latin America and the USA.

    The lecture will be delivered in English.

    Kristín Guðrún Jónsdóttir, Senior Lecturer in Spanish Literature at the University of Iceland, will introduce the writer. Kristín Guðrún has translated a selection of Shua’s work, which has now been published on the occasion of the writer‘s visit to Iceland, in the collection Smáskammtar by Dimma publishing house.

    This event is co-organized by the Vigdís Finnbogadóttir Institute of Foreign Languages at the University of Iceland, The Reykjavík International Literary Festival and the Nordic House.

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  • The Aesthetics of Proletarian Literature in the Americas: Lecture on Friday 28 August 2015

    25. ágúst 2015

    ÖreigiAnna Björk Einarsdóttir, Graduate Student in Comparative Literature and Associate Instructor in Comparative Literature at the University of California in Davis, gives a lecture on proletarian literature in North and South America.

    The lecture will take place on Friday 28 August at 12:00-13:00 in room 103 in Háskólatorg at the University of Iceland, and will be delivered in Icelandic.

    The lecture deals with North and South American proletarian literature. Production of proletarian literature peaked during the 1920s and 30s with writers all over the world committing to the communist cause and contributing to the movement for proletarian and socialist literature. The lecture charts out the main characteristics of proletarian literature in Argentina, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia as well as the US while analyzing the aesthetics of proletarianism. Besides demonstrating the variety of subject positions that constituted the proletariat in each national literature, the paper focuses on how class consciousness is theorized and how that consciousness shapes the literary form.

    Anna Björk Einarsdóttir is a PhD candidate in Comparative Literature at the University of California, Davis. Her research focuses on 20th century literature of the Americas with a specific emphasis on the 1920s and 30s, the trajectory of realism throughout the 20th century, the connection between proletarian literature and the avant garde movements.

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  • VFI Activity Report for 2014

    29. júlí 2015

    The VFI makes available its annual Activity Report in English, now for year 2014.

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